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Tarragona off the beaten track

Bernadet Heimans roamed the province of Tarragona for two years with her dog Nova. In a recent article, she takes the reader to six special places, including golden beaches, jagged mountain areas and hidden waterfalls.

Although these places also appear elsewhere in, we would like to list them again here.

Gorgs de la Febró - the hidden waterfalls

Gorgs de la Febró can be found in the Muntanyes de Prades and can be reached via a nice walk from Arbolí. Spectacular waterfalls, limestone cliffs and natural turquoise pools. This route is also nice in the summer because it is wonderful to cool off in the icy mountain water.

The white walls, the deep blue water and the green vegetation create a magical atmosphere. According to Bernadet, this is rightly one of Tarragona's best kept secrets, a place where you expect unicorns and elves.

Click here for the walking route on Wikiloc, about 10 km from Arbolí to Gorgs de la Febró.

Siurana - old village on a spectacular gorge

Siurana village is often seen as the most beautiful place of the Costa Dorada. Located in the Montsant Nature Reserve, Siurana was founded in the 8th century and has been considered indestructible for centuries due to its unique location on the Serra de la Gritella plateau. There is a nice walking path from Cornudella de Montsant to Siurana (about 10 km with 500 meters ascent/descent, click here for the walking route on Wikiloc). However, you can also drive directly there, park and enter the village directly. From the village of Siurana itself you can then take a nice walk along beautiful cliffs (click here for a beautiful walking route of approximately 10 km, 400 meters ascent/descent).

Siurana was declared a National Historic Heritage Site in 1994.

Bernadet calls this a hidden gem and a guarantee for an overwhelming experience.

Llaberia - the Scandinavia of Spain

The nature reserve Llaberia (Tarragona) is an extensive mountain area that, according to Bernadet, is surprisingly similar to Scandinavia. The medieval village has only a few inhabitants. You will find ravines, jagged massifs and beautiful views here. The mountain villages here still have that characteristic medieval charm and are surrounded by extensive vineyards, castles and remains from antiquity.

Click here for a walking route of about 11 km and 500 meters ascent/descent.

Extra tip are the cave paintings in Capçanes, the largest collection in Spain, with prehistoric remains of the people who lived here more than 8000 years ago.

Cala Fonda - imagine yourself in Hawaii

Also in the top 6 of Bernadet is the beach Playa Fonda, also called Waikiki (after the famous beach in Hawaii). The beach, shielded by a beautiful forest (Bosc de la Marquesa) is not accessible by car. You can walk there from Playa Llarga or from La Mora. It is located on the GR-92 walking route and is recommended to walk from our beach Playa de la Arrabassada along beautiful beaches and rugged coastal rocks. A paradise piece of coastline.

Click here for our page of beaches in Tarragona.

Parque Natural Serra de Montsant - amusement park for daredevils

This lesser-known natural park is overwhelming in its beauty. From the rugged Serra de Montsant mountain ranges with steep walls and panoramic plateaus, you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees and Mallorca on clear days. The Natural Park is located next to the famous Priorat wine region and a combination of the two is obvious. See here our BLOG about the Priorat, including a visit to the restored monastery Cartuja d'Escaladei. There are countless beautiful routes through the mountains, from beginners / families to advanced.

For the real diehards, Bernadet gives La Ruta dels Rufugis as a tip: a multi-day hut tour of 90 kilometers, 5,000 vertical meters, 4 days, which starts at Refugi Cornudella de Montsant.

Platja del Torn - sunbathing on a pirate beach

To be honest, we often focus on the GR-92 route north of our Playa de la Arrabassada beach. However, Bernadet rightly mentions a fantastic beach south of Tarragona, the naturist beach Platja del Torn. It is beautifully situated by the mountains of the La Rojala-Platja del Torn nature reserve. Legend has it that this beach used to be a base for pirates because they could easily rob the ships on the passing trade route from here.

Click here for a nice walking route on Wikiloc of approximately 8 km that makes a loop from the seaside resort of Hospitalet de l'Infant over Platje del Torn, along the GR-92, and back over the mountains behind.

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