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The 7 most beautiful viewpoints of Tarragona

Hereby the chosen viewpoints (miradores) with the most beautiful 7 views in the city of Tarragona. Highly recommended to visit and fall in love with. The beautiful views speak for themselves…

Tip: Click on the address below the photo to see the exact location on google.maps

1. from the bell tower of the Cathedral

Climbing all 196 steps rewards you with the best view of the entire city. This clock tower has been the highest point of the city since the 16th century.

2. from the Roman Praetorium

Also in this old Roman tower, which was part of the provincial forum of Tarraco, you will first have to climb a lot of steps. There is an elevator for those with walking difficulties. From the roof of this tower, the view is equally beautiful in all four directions.

3. from the vantage point of Sant Antoni

Part Alta (the old town of Tarragona) does not mean 'the high part' for nothing. This part is on a hill. Along the Passeig Antoni are a few benches with a pergola above them: ideal for quietly enjoying the view.

4. from the Balcón del Mediterráneo

Perhaps the most famous lookout point in Tarragona. The Balcón del Mediterráneo stands on the edge of a 23-meter high cliff with panoramic views of the sea. Everyone who visits the city should really stop by here: touching the cast iron railing (tocar ferro) brings good luck and prosperity.

5. from the roof terrace of Hotel H10 Imperial Tarraco

This hotel has recently been renovated and has a magnificent roof terrace with bar-restaurant, swimming pool and fantastic views. The roof terrace is open to non-hotel guests from approximately March to October. A lovely place to lounge.

6. from the promenade of Passeig de L'Escullera

You don't have to sail a boat to see the city from the sea. Passeig de l'Escullera is located in the port district of Serrallo, which runs four kilometers into the sea and offers a beautiful view over the city.

7. from the vantage point of l'Oliva (mirador de l'Oliva)

This mirador offers the best view at night. The remains of the fortress of Oliva, built to defend the city against Napoleonic troops, offer a panoramic view of the most mountainous part of the city, the illuminated Roman wall, the cathedral, with the sea in the background.


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